Sunday, September 9, 2012

My life at present

There is a saying,"when it rains,it pours".I must say this is applicable in my life at the moment.My laptop was struck by lightning.I have TMJ problem.Hence,I have to wear mouth splint which sucks big time.I am trying to gain weight but because I am having difficulty chewing foods ,I cannot eat  a lot.My biggest insecurity is loosing weight.I cannot afford to lose even a pound.My eyes give me terrible headache and makes me want to sleep most of the time.If I don't read it's fine but then I am a college student so I cannot not read.I got a  bad haircut. I look like a lion.I am not kidding.T_T My father's business is not doing well.Sharks are giving my dad a hard time.They  are the innumerable government officials  who impede their countrymen's progression.I badly needed to get a part-time job.A job where I could earn and save money not earn money and spend it for food and travel expenses for that job.(SM malls<cough>).

Despite all the series of unfortunate events,someone special makes me sane.And also friends cheer me up.
My  passion for languages especially learning Korean I have to get that  back on track.Studying Korean balances my academic life.It motivates me and prevents me from complacency.

I am having  difficulty with my physics subject.I just hope to get a passing grade I tend to be late in my first subject<M-W-F class > Educational Technology and <T-TH class> Filipino 3.Tardiness will surely jeopardize my grades and worst fail in class.So my resolution ,it is best to be early than late a minute or two.
Mrs.Henson is a one-of-a-kind professor.If  I view her as a terror then I will lose.I am looking at her in  a different light.

I told him that after 6 months I will see him in Korea.With all that is happening in my life right now<mostly unpleasant> could I achieve that goal?Sometimes I just wanna end it!But why would I end something so precious to me?I am being coward again.I have to try my best to reach that goal.It is better to try than not try at all.

Also I should prevent myself from sitting most of the time.I am getting flabby tummy.The fat around my waist gives  me stomachache.

I must not sabotage myself.I can do it!

Monday, June 25, 2012


제일 하고 싶은  것이 한국어 공부이다.요즘은  대학교에 다니고 스페인어 공부하기도 한다.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

티티믹 선생님들 , 너무 고마워요

요즘은 나는 티티믹 레슨을 공부 하는 중이였다.선현우와 최경은 선생님은 잘 가르치는 편인데.
그 레슨은 재미있고 이해가 되는 게 쉽다.그리고 선현우 선생님이 최경은 선생님을 놀릴 때 엄청 웃긴데.어디에나 티티믹 녹음하던의 레슨을 들을 수 있다--차 속에 아니면 매장에 걸어가면서 공부 할 수 있다."선현우"라는 착한 분한테 티티믹 웹사이트가  몇 년전에  만들게 되었던 너무 기쁘다.